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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 27, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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game five on fox. >> big star. home base. >> pete schrager. >> to see you. thank you. that is how fox "report sunday." so glad you were here. a great time. two seconds, "huckabee." tonight on "huckabee" -- >> again, i don't know about any specific tests and i would send you to hhs. i'm not sure what you're missing. >> with the administration dodging the tough questions, eastern the mainstream media demands answers. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry on the tension inside the white house press room. and -- >> i want to stay here. we need this place. >> the federal government eliminating housing foreaf that it help build. >> there are a lot of stories of out of control regulators, but this seems to be going to the extreme. plus -- relentlessly bullied she fought back with the help of friends
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and stranger. >> i just feel so special. >> tonight, how bystanders can help stand up to bullying. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ cheers and applause ] great audience here. oh, this is great. let me say, welcome to "huckabee," in the fox news studios in new york city. after enjoying the world's longest political honeymoon, president barack obama might finally be experiencing his first marital spat with what has been his love-struck two-headed bride, the washington press corps and the late-night comedians. fast and furious, agabenghazi, disclosures, crony deals could not do the laughingly bad
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rollout of his only major legislative accomplishment of obama care. finally resulted in the first thrown lamp and figurative shouting match. if it hadn't been i had seen it with my own two aged but still functioning eyes and ears i wouldn't have believed it. i mean, the late-night comics and the white house press core gave up the cust maniary kiss to issue a face slap over the dollars blown sbi the president's team. >> the president said it's a website where you can compare, purchase, support the health care plan the same way you purchase a ticket. >> this turd taco will be barack obama's true legacy. it's hgettysburg address in lincoln had said -- >> president obama is urging
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americans having trouble with the obama care website to sign up for health care by calling a 1-800 number. the number is, 1-800-we didn't think this through. >> you can't fine people if you don't fix this mess. >> our national health care website barely fuvgzs and yet every single porn site works like a charm. >> nothing to fill out. they already have our information. >> we understand the president is frustrated. what seemed to be missing, any explanation about what went wrong exactly. >> the product is good. i want people to be able to get this great product and that product is working. it's really good. >> when did the president of the united states turn into gill from the simpsons? >> how about can i put you down for, how many, a lot. please, say, a lot. i need this. >> and it wouldn't cost so much money. that would be funny. those high-priced geniuses must have been the worst and dumbest
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people ever hired for a major website launch because, he made it clear. >> now that he's finally ready to go after the best and the brightest, reliable liberal comedians defended or ignored, some or maybe the most flag grant scandals, phony as they might be, couldn't ignore the punch lines served up on a platter by the president and his beleaguered but unbowed head of health and human services kathleen sebelius. president obama all but just became a pitch man selling primarily insurance in the rose garden. also like he was saying, but, wait. there's more. and there is. the white house press core has been ever so gentle on this administration, but it's hard to ignore absolute collapse. not only of the website but the fundamental promises that he made about obama care. >> if you make less than $250,000 a year, your taxes will no increase one single dime. >> i've got a plan that says if you have health insurance we're going to lower your premiums by
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$2,500 per family per year. >> if you like your health care plan you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. >> hmm. not one bit of that is true. and it never was. and the reporters are no longer accepting it as fact. if the republicans would focus less on each other and more on the broken trust of president obama with the american people, there's real opportunity here. just remind people of what the president has promised. we don't even have to tell people his promises were as reliable as a pup tent in a tornado. because they're going to hear the promises and they're going to know their own circumstances. in most situations, the only winner in a divorce is the lawyer. but in this case, divorcing this president from the media and the culture of comedians is a good thing. and it is long overdue. [ applause ] my first guest tonight has been
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asking questions of jay carney all week about the obama care website which is getting answers -- well, that haven't been so easy. >> is secretary sebelius the responsible party? is she the quarterback for these mistakes? i understand contractors made mistakes but ultimately is the hhs secretary responsible? the president responsible? who in this administration is responsible. >> the president spoke clearly from the rose garden he is wholly unsatisfied. >> but is he responsible? >> i said, this is on us. and that goes from the president on down. >> well, please welcome fox chief white house correspondent ed henry. [ applause ] it's great to have you. >> good to be here. i feel like, what was that? a pup tent in a tornado? everybody inner heard that. >> just think of that. it doesn't end well, put it that way. as this website launch has not ended well, you have been relentless trying to get the white house to give some answers
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and become accountable for it. do you think that it's typical that it's always this contentious between the white house press corps and the -- >> i actually think it is usually contentious. now there's a different occupant of the oval office and a lot of other people in the media don't always seem willing to challenge power. i did it at cnn covering president bush and felt like i had a lot more people on this side of the podium challenging tony snow, dana perperino. she calls me an equal opportunity -- i don't think i can say it on your show. >> probably not. >> better not. because she thought i took president bush on as hard as president obama. it's not about me. i think it's about the press in general. we've got to all just do our jobs. it's not about taking anybody on because they're a democrat or republican. it's about challenging authority and power. >> it seems recently the press corps has finally said, wait a minute. we haven't been given the transparency and that openness
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we were promised, and i've sensed, maybe i'm just seeing it from a partisan viewpoint. i realize i have that point of view, but are roerts getting answers from the white house? >> i think a lot of pressing. you played the clips and a wide variety of reporters saying, wait. this is not how it was sold in terms of you can keep your doctor, keep your plan. now reporters are say, wait a second. the rollout, who is responsible for it? the white house continues to say, no monday morning quarterbacking here, because they don't want to look back and find some of the answers. but it's our job to keep pressing whether they give the answers today, tomorrow. you keep pressing. in fairness it should be said in the long run this law may work out for the president. they still think inside the white house his legacy will be secure. a signature domestic achievement. millions who don't have insurance now will have it, but we have to demand answers about how much is that going to cost to make sure the millions have insurance? how the president sold it, is is that all going to work out? so, look, i think you can challenge authority.
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you can challenge people in power without beal partisan. just get the facts. >> recently you pressed hard to get just basic information. when did the president know about the impending train wreck? i want to see the clip and then we'll talk about it. >> i'm saying there are people who care about it who want to get it done. >> and it's getting done today. >> why won't you tell us what day he learned? yesterday, the day before? >> ed, what i can tell you is when the president -- right. when the president found out he was disturbed. asked his lawyers, got to work on a solution and we expect the solution today. >> this is not that complicated. you're trying to make a partisan issue out of it. >> nice try. you won't tell us a simple fangtd when the president learned, you're trying to say outraged. wants to move quickly. if you learned last tuesday, or the day before. >> when hi learned about it, he asked for, drebtded, those who work for him to find a solution and we expect a solution today. >> now, that was actually about the benefits for the veterans? >> the death benefit during the
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whole government shutdown issue. a basic question. jay carney said the president is outraged. wants to fix it. going to get it done. i said, when did he find out about it? yesterday, a week ago, two weeks ago? he never would answer that question bp he said, saw, i don't have to dispute it, you are trying to make it partisan. it's a simple fact'sfrom my position, we report. you decide. >> now, because you are at fox news and sometimes people have this perception that everybody at fox news is as opinionated as guys like me. i know there's a difference between the news side and the programming side. but do you feel sometimes that the white house is a little tough other than you than they are on, let's say, sheryl atkinson from cbs, or abc? >> they've didn't tough on sherrill and jonathan. the reason, they've been asking tough questions. sharyl bleeding a lot of tough stories about benghazi and fast and furious. and i think unfortunately in the
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current age, it ends up becoming what uniform are you wearing? the fox uniform? the abc uniform? instead you're a reporter. you're asking tough questions. when other reporters ask the tough questions they don't get the you're trying to make it partisan. comes with the territory. at the end of the day you can look at the size of our audience. there are a lot of people who want answers to these question, number one. more important than ratings or anything like that, no matter what network you're at, whether there's a democrat or republican in the white house, we have to challenge people who are in pow perp challenge people in authority, and get thee answers to basic questions. then viewers think, well, that question went too far. that question was partisan. fine. we'll hear about it on twit facebook and everywhere else and should take a hit if we're not being fair. not just fair and balanced but tough. get the answers. >> that's really what the reporters are there for. ask the questions the people would be asking if they were sitting in those chairs. >> sure. >> 30 seconds or less. is there anything you wish the american viewing public knew about your job sitting there in
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the white house every day? >> you know what? all i would say, sometimes people say, god, you travel so far and i do. it's tough sometimes you're not with your family all the time and wish you were, but i am so darn lucky, not just at fox but covering the president of the united states. president bush as well. honored every second there. we are so darn lucky. we don't say it enough. we have a cool job's people see us on tv think we're hot stuff. we're just doing a job like everybody else watching us all around the country, around the world. i want people to know i'm honored and privileged to be doing it. when i see people at airports say thanks for asking the tough question, that means a lot to me. >> ed, thanks for being here. >> great to be here. >> ed henry. white house correspondent for fox news. coming up, it's a remarkable story how a high school student who was bullied and how the efforts of her mother and friends helped her fight back. you don't want to miss this. we'll be right back. i'd like to hear from you. go to my website,
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on america's most reliable network. we've heard way too many stories about bullying that have made headlines but for all the wrong reasons lately. here's a story that gives us hope. texas high school junior born with a brain injury causing her to have seizures. over the past eight months she's been the victim's brutal anonymous online bullying. here is one example of just how vicious these texts were. this one said, i quote, so annoying but cute. i want to do more than just kiss her. i want too rape her, and kill her. that will finally make sure she goes away for good. shea's mother set up a facebook page to raise awareness of what
5:17 pm
her daughter is going through and the page received over 75,000 likes and word spread quickly. over the last couple of weeks, this you're going to love. shea's school's football games have been packed with supporters including students from the rival schools, and they're all wearing, "i'm with shea" t-shirts and carrying banners. joining me now is shea and her mother, carey riddle. thanks so much for being here. [ applause ] shea, a few days ago, some of the kids in the district organized a green-out during the football game. and it was amazing. all of these t-shirts like the one you're wearing. i want to know, how did it make you feel when these students stood with you? >> it helped me through a lot of this, because i -- it was -- like when i saw people just out there wearing my t-shirts,
5:18 pm
supporting me, i felt good, because they're -- really nice people. i know that, and for them supporting me means so much to me and how this -- means a whole lot, because i -- >> you're doing great. >> let me ask you think, shea. how does it make you feel, and since this has happened and you've stepped forward, have those messages that were so hurtful, have they stopped? >> they have stopped. and i'm very grateful for that. [ applause ] >> that's good.
5:19 pm
what do want to say to the kids who said those horrible things? >> you may not be watching this tv show or you may be staring at me at school and thinking, well, she -- she's not pretty or she's not popular. so we're going to dislike her. we're going to put her in this unpopular kid group. well, that's all right. [ applause ] that's all right. >> you know something? i think you're very pretty, and i think you're just a remarkable young tleed have the courage to do what you're doing and not letting this just destroy you. you know, carey, when i see the horrible things that have happened to your daughter, i want to know, what has the school done? because that concerns me. have they stepped up and been supportive of shea?
5:20 pm
>> their words are trying to be -- i wish they would do a whole lot more. i wish there were assemblies. we had a parent meeting to let parents know about these apps their kids are using, because they're not aware. so the school really hasn't done as much as i really would like them to. >> what would you like to see happen to the people who had done the bullying? some of the things that were said about shea, i read that, i'm thinking. i'm an adult, been through 20 years of politics and some of that is oh over the top. this is the kind of thing, i don't care who you are, that hurts abo hurts. >> absolutely. they need to be brought to justice. unfortunately, i don't know if our justice is prepared for this. bullying, this isn't, i took your lunch money. this is a hate crime. i mean, a lot of these message ares were, you need to have a seizure and die, and it's karma for me giving beth to her. they attacked me in some of the text messages.
5:21 pm
and so if they're a minor, i would like their parents to have some sort of punishment or community service. if they're -- this person is an adult doing this to shea, she's people, they need to be brought to justice with community service, working with special needs children. it might open their eyes to what shea has to suffer through daily. >> well, let me tell you something. you have opened all of our eyes to not only how terrible these action was to you, but you have opened our eyes to, shea, to what a beautiful person you are and how worthy you are of our love and support and standing behind you. and i want you to know, i'm with shea, too. >> thank you. >> and i think the whole country is. god bless you. thank you so much, keri and shea for being here. coming up we're going to talk to a panel of folk whose have been affected by bullying, including a teacher, a singer raising awareness through his
5:22 pm
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well, we're going to continue our discussion on bullying and joining me now is denise grossman, high school teacher, bullied as a kid and now is sharing her story with her students and trying to help them deal with bullying. brian millison a singer bullied a as teen. a new song with an anti-bullying message he'll sing in a little while. and this man's son committed suicide in 2003 at the age of 13. that was after years of being bullied in person as well as online. and john, let me start with you. you just saw this powerful story.
5:26 pm
>> yes. >> of shea. what a moving story this is. when you see that, do you wonder that, if ryan, your son, had had the support that shea is now getting from her classmates and friends, would his life have turned out differently? >> absolutely. unfortunately, facebook wasn't around when this happened to my son. so i think this is the positive use of social media, and what her mom did for her was wonderful, and clearly, shea's a beautiful girl. so i think it's about jealousy, whoever's bullying this young lady, because she's just a beautiful girl. it's heartbreaking. >> it really is, and my heart goes out to you, because the chapter in your life, it didn't end quite like that. brian, let me ask you this, because i know from the time you were, like, 12, you were -- the object of some intense bullying. some online things from a chat room. what did it do to you? your self-esteem when kids just went after you? >> being 12 years old you're
5:27 pm
coming in middle school and starting to try to find your way and kind of come, or be in your own element. when something like that happens at such an early time, it's just -- detrimental to you and you just -- it's hard to describe, because you just -- you feel like you're all alone. because especially when the rumor spreads around the whole school the way it did. you feel all alone. you feel like your friends are laughing at you behind your back. it's hard to dig your way out of it. >> did you ever think about even taking your life, like ryan did? >> i never did. i never did. it just -- it never got that point, i guess, you know, because it was back before facebook and just more of the chat rooms and just face to face stuff, and i just -- it never drove me that far. and, you know, it's very unfortunate. >> denise, now unfortunate. >> as a teacher you tell your students what you went through. it's a way to help them learn
5:28 pm
and teach them something about life. when you experienced it, some people told you fight back. just go back and give them everything you got. that's not your message. what do you tell the kids in your school who experience bullying? >> my students are shocked to hear when i was struck in the face that i didn't retaliate. my feelings are that there's so many instances in the schools where we can retaliate in a violent way but what will our schools be like if we do that. all that's proving is who is the stronger person. it's not getting to the root of the problem. what we need t what we need to do is start i teaching our kids kindness and g learning tolerance. >> if a kid isid bullied at scho what do they do?t if they don't strike back, tell their parents? tell a police officer?wh what would you recommend to to students that would be a way, that doesn't get them in more bullying d make the worse? >> exactly. that was a concern of mine.
5:29 pm
i was afraid to tell someone. i addressed it in my own way, ne and that approach worked for me, but it's not going to work for everyone. i think they need to tell an adult. they need to know we're there and we care, and that there are policies in place to address ito but i also think the bystanders need stand up to the plate. n in schools, something like 67% of people are either bullied, a victim or a bystander. so everyone's touched by this. most kids are afraid, though, to say something. >> john what would you say to other parents? you've had ten years to reflect on it since ryan's death. as you try to work through this and i'm sure you had a lot of time to think, if you could so relive it, but if you could ou share with otherld parents, whas the a advice? >> one mistake we made, we did not go to the school because he did not want us to. he was afraid it would make it o worse. to be fair to ryan's school i c can't blame them completely
5:30 pm
because we didn't go in. we should have went in, sat t down, my son is being bullied but he's afraid of retaliation. how do we address this without ? effect?sc schools are getting better at this. s they used to do conflict resolution, bring the two into the office for a fake apology session. they're much more thoughtful now. you need to isolate the two and address the behavior problem. as denise was saying, you also need to go after the bystanders. there are three types. the ones friends of the victim,b ones in between and thee ones wo are friends with the bully. we need to go after the ones gr friends with the bully because they're in a position with e power. they have the most influence ober their friend to get them t. stop. at this age, kids listen to kid much more quickly than adults. if we can get those bystanders to stand up to their friends we'll make a lot of progress
5:31 pm
with this problem. >> that's a great suggestion. and the key from all of you andhe i couldn't concur more that it isco incumbent upon parents to y to their children, not only ly should you not be a bully, but e if you see it, you have to step, in. that's part of what it is to be a responsible young person, a responsible citizen. we'll get to see you later whenu you preview your song for us. denise, john, thank you so veryu much. i appreciate your candor and being with us today. [ applause ]i a democrat in congress says the excuse of the obama care glitches areec becomingom a thoa herrr side and harry reid says knows you really want to pay ay more taxes. my reaction to the quotes of the week is next. no matter how busy your morning you can always do something better for yourself.
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verification, have are serious trouble resulting in connection failure. the tidal wave of problems sweeping over obama care nearly a month after its launch prompts ten senators so far to push for extension for the enrollment period so people can adjust to the new law. germany is demanding complete answers from the u.s. after they say their chancellor many private cell phone was tapped. german media reporting it may have start add decade ago. their interior minister sending germany's intel chiefs to the white house. self other leaders expressing outrage over similar allegations in their countries. the nsa denies reports president obama knew anything about the spying. i'm harris faulkner. we're two seconds away from "huckabee." during thursday's congressional hearings on the problems of obama care's online signups, california democrat
5:36 pm
anna ishu called out one of the designers because he was blaming the glitches on the overwhelming applicants. >> you keep speaking about unexpected volumes, ms. campbell, and that really sticks in my craw, i have to tell you that, because, as i said, there are thousands of websites that carry far more traffic. so i think that's really kind of a lame excuse. amazon and ebay don't crash the week before christmas and pro flowers doesn't crash on valentine's day. >> hmm. and a couple of other things i've noted, when you order something from amazon or ebay or pro flowers, you actual he get what you wanted. at a price that you really did want to pay and it comes in on time. eve even if the website works nobody's ever suggested that the product is going to be what you want, when you wanted it and what you were are r willing to pay for it. more people are losing insurance than have been able to sign up
5:37 pm
for obama care so far. florida congressman alan gracin certainly has a bizarre way of trying to get across his message. he's made plenty of controversial statements all during his te his latest dig at the tea party, comparing it with the kkk, i think it's gone a little too far. here's what he said. gracin's campaign sent out an e-mail with this image attached with the caption -- now you know what the t stands for. you know, it's almost hard to comment. i would say that the t stands for, maybe, the terrible way in which this guy has communicated. if that had been anyone other than a democratic congressman, don't you think that everybody in the media and in the public would have demandened an apology? in fact, demanded he resign from congress. the only reason we hope he stays there, he's a good reminder why we need to make some serious changes in congress. there's no one in congress more outrageously insulted than alan
5:38 pm
gracin. the outrageous and insults are flying all over washington. but senate majority leader harry reid's interviewer with a nevada public radio host, my vote for the most ridiculous statement of the week. >> the only people who feel there shouldn't be more coming in to the federal government from the rich people are the republicans in the congress. everybody else, including the rich people, are willing to pay more. they want to pay more. >> yeah. you know what? i've been traveling a lot lately, and it's amazings. everywhere i go people come up to me and say, mike, do you think you could talk to the people in washington? i just don't feel good about how little i'm paying in taxes. i want to pay more. please. tell them to pass the plate. i want to pay more. i mean, let me ask our audience out here. how many of you would like to pay more? how many of you are dying to pay more? can i see a show of hands.
5:39 pm
hmm. gosh. i was going to pass the hat and see if we could go ahead and get the national thing going, but it's not even working here with my audience. harry, i don't know if maybe medical marijuana has now been made legal in nevada, and you needed some serious medicine. i don't know, but i mean, i can't imagine anybody who isn't stoned who would come up with a notion that everybody, even the rich people, everybody, would like to pay more in taxes. i think most of us feel like we're probably coughing up enough, and, in fact, in many ways we're just disgusted with how much we're paying and how little we're getting back from it. now, if you want to take -- a piece of advice, quit spending $634 million on a website that doesn't work, and maybe spend it to take care of veterans. i'd pay more noor because i feel i owe them something. you? i don't think i owe you a dime more than you're already getting. 1yu69 l just letting you know. coming up, combine
5:40 pm
government stupidity and political correctness and you get the outrageous story of a home built for deaf people where deaf people aren't allowed to even live. i'm not kidding. that's next. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] want healthy joints?° ♪ the joint is jumpin' ♪ it's really jumpin' osteo bi-flex® helps strengthen your joints.° like calcium supplements can help your bones, osteo bi-flex® can help your joints° so you can keep doing what you love.
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women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased d blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about the only underarm low t treatment, axiron.
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in 2005, the united states had virtually no affordable housing for the deaf. so in 2008, the federal government helped fund a 75 unit apartment in tempe, arizona. it was designed specifically to accommodate deaf people. residents at the apache asl trails complex say they feel at home there. but now the department of housing and urban development says the apartment complex is discriminating against those who don't have disabilities, because it shows a preference for the hearing impaired. now, the department wants to cap off units to the deaf to 18 meaning the other 57 units would be blocked off from the very people they were built specifically for. and only available to those who don't have any disability at all. joining me is linda russell. she is deaf and she's the resident manager of apache asl trails. her attorney mary vargas who represents the building is also here and linda's interpreter
5:45 pm
rocky debuno. it's good to have you all here. linda, let me begin with you. linda, what are the fears among the residents? >> well, the people are very concerned that they're going to be actually thrust back into a situation where they're very isolated. and, also, they were very concerned and got a lot of nerve built up because of that. we don't know what's going to happen next. you know, isolation is scary for any kind of person but especially for senior citizens and those who are older. you know? and so we don't want to see people be thrust back into isolation. >> and linda, as someone who is deaf, you know, you have these resources at the apartment complex. it was built expressly for people who are deaf. what do you think about the federal government coming in and saying, we don't want deaf people to live in a place that was designed for deaf people?
5:46 pm
>> well, i'm very disappointed in that attitude. you know, and i have given a standing invitation to the deputy secretary morris jones to come and visit, actually, apache asl trails and he has a standing invitation. he's not yet accepted the invitation but she very welcome and our doors are always open to him, and that is a place we feel at home. we're very comfortable, all unified there and it's a place that we feel we're able to communicate with one another. we have a lot of friends. we have a lot of safety features that are there, and we have a life that is full. and we can fully participate. it's not just me, one deaf person, amongst a bunch of hearing people. i'm not alone there. so we're in a group and a community. that's a very wonderful place to be at apache asl trails. >> and it would almost than if non-deaf people, if hearing people, were in those apartments, there would be a lot
5:47 pm
of sophisticated facilities and equipment that they don't need and wouldn't want, wouldn't use. it would be a waste of taxpayer money that helped build it. >> yes. that's exactly the point. i agree with that. you know, hearing people can go anyplace within our cities. you know, they're welcome to come into our facility, but, really, we have just very few opportunities in comparison to the hearing community at large, and so we want that equality of life. it's an opportunity to live, just the same as anybody else. with peace and with happiness. >> mary, as an attorney, you've looked at this situation. it is one of the most bizarre circumstance i've ever heard. i've heard from nutty things the government has done. some really stupid one, but this is right up there at the top of the list. hud spends $2.6 million, builds a housing project for people who are deaf and then tells deaf people, you can't live here. what's the status, and what can you do? >> this project was primarily funded actually with private dollars.
5:48 pm
there was actually, there was some federal funding but private dollars as well, and there are 30,000 fair housing complaints in the united states every year. more than half are filed by people with disabilities. there was never a single complaint filed against apache asl trails. we are now in a position where we have people who desperately need this housing and have no opportunity to live there because of the federal government. >> do you know of anyone in the tempe, arizona area who is a hearing person who said i want to file a complaint because i want to live in a place designed for people who aren't like me? >> no complaint ever filed. hud acknowledged that. there are hearing residents who are very welcome to live at apache trails. the question is whether when you have two people who want to live in apache trails and one is defr and one is hearing, should we follow the federal law, as hud wrote it, as hud wrote the regulation that says you need to give the preference to the person who needs the accessibility features that the unit has. >> you think you'll win this?
5:49 pm
>> i think we will. >> i hope you do, because if you don't, the government is really dumber than i ever imagined it to be. linda, i hope you get this settle and we thank you very much for being here to tell your story. i want to say thanks to the senator from arizona. one of the voices strongly standing up for it. it's easy to get upset for doing something we don't like, but for doing something just plain crazy. this is the difference between using our brains and turning them off and using them for something, but clearly not for thinking. please, stand with the folks at apache asl. let's hope hud will actually turn on the lights upstairs. all right. you met him earlier in the show. coming up, brian millison is going rejoin us with his song and a very powerful message. that's next. for charity, to prove that with soft fabric and waistband,
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>> welcome back. joining us once again and tackling the issue of bullying it is called nothing grows in the shadows. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> thank you so much brian or being here and to all of you. thank you. god bless. until next week from the fox news studios in new york, good night.
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>> the government is not efficient of handling this. >> what's the senator's big concern? megan gets shocking insight you can't miss. monday on "the kelly files." >> this hour, when he talks, washington listens. charles krauthammer, his uniquely american story. his journey from md to the pulitzer prize. how he over came a devastating accident with a determination to lead a life that matters. i am bret baier. i hope you will enjoy watching this fox news reporting special as much as we enjoyed making it. fox viewers know where charles krauthammer sits on the panel and probably know his position on most issues, but we bet there's a lot you don't know about the all star panelist syndicated columnist, harvard trained psychiatrist and even occasional baseball


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